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Dermaplaning utilises a surgical blade to gently remove vellus hair (aka"peach fuzz") off the face to reveal a soft and smooth skin. It is a painless and chemical free option for gentle exfoliation.


30 MINS  $80.00

45 MINS $105.00


75 MINS  $165.00

Ultimate 'pre event' treatment includes LED light therapy and hydrating sheet mask.

Dermaplaning offers a safe & painless hair removal treatment without
the use of chemicals.

We use a sterile surgical blade to remove the soft vellus hair and excess corneocytes on the surface of the skin, revealing a soft and smooth surface.

Safe for pregnant or lactating women.

Increases the penetration and effectiveness of topical products.

Enables smoother makeup application.

DOES NOT make your hair come back thicker or darker.