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TRUdermal is a professional quality home mask that offers three different light spectrum's for a wide range of skin concerns. 

Mode 1: Blue light + Near-Infrared (465nm + 850nm) is used for reducing inflammation and killing bacteria for acne sufferers.

Mode 2: Blue light + Red (465nm + 630nm) for accelerated dermal wound healing, perfect for post peels, microdermabrasion or nanofusion.

Mode 3: Red + Near-Infrared (630nm + 850) for ultimate cell energy and rejuvenation. Used for stimulating collagen and elastin production for anti-ageing benefits.  

We recognise that with the demand of busy lifestyles it can be challenging for our clients to make it into the clinic. This takes just a 10 minute commitment x 3 times a week over 6 weeks to achieve skin correction. It can also be introduced into your home care routine as a home facial and general maintenance.

RRP $689.00